Logo, business cards and more for future restaurant

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**this post is part of a series as we catch up on sharing work from the last couple of years. The website update should take place over the winter.

Downtown Durham continues to be graced with more good restaurants opening up.

Over the past few months, I’ve enjoyed working with Justin Rakes, former chef at Four Square, who along with Scott Martin, will be opening up “The Salted Pig” in the near future somewhere in or near downtown. The menu will focus on higher-end pork based food items, locally sourced along with the produce, and feature a wide array of bourbons.

As they have been working on securing a location, I’ve been working with Justin on logo design, business cards, and event menus.

The current business card…

Salt Pig bus card-white

Hopefully it won’t be too long before The Salted Pig is up and running. It has been a while since I created the initial menu designs for Watts Grocery and Beyu Caffe, so I’m excited to work on another menu design project. Quite likely the interior of the restaurant will feature a lot of reclaimed wood for the furniture and on the walls. Thus, I don’t think the chipboard colored paper stock they initially were thinking of will work so well (warm tan paper on warm wood isn’t all that exciting), so one idea is to have soft pink paper menus for some contrast between menu and wood table. So, half of the initial run of business cards were printed with a soft pink background as we gauge whether this is an interesting idea or not.

Salted Pig bus card pink

Not sure if this will get used anywhere, but the following idea was playing on the ring mark left behind of a bourbon glass…

Bourbon glass ring mark

The following is one of the many ideas played around with in the logo design development. Whether the connotation of a patch is a good thing or not, I’m not sure, but I’m thinking this could make a nice coaster…

Patch style coaster

Justin and Scott have been putting on some special event dinners. This is a menu from an event at The King’s Daughters Inn…



Sharing recent projects.

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Despite the lack of activity here on the blog, 2013 has been an active year here at the studio with a diverse range of projects.

Starting at the end of this week, and continuing through the next few months, I’ll be sharing glimpses at several of these projects.

Song of the Line review / Shop Independent Durham Week

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Five years ago I published “Song of the Line.” This hardcover 112 page title features twenty years’ worth of poetry by Jack Gilbert, along with ten engravings created in response to a reading of these works by Jack’s friend and fellow Hillsboroughian Henryk Fantazos.

Our marketing department just unearthed a pretty great review of Song of the Line (from 2008). There is some great writing in this book, covering a variety of issues and emotions, and it has been fun to “rediscover” these gems through the reviewer’s eyes.

As part of Shop Independent Durham week, we will be open every day this week from 11am–2pm (Saturday 10am-2pm). Our come hither sale pitch is this: everyone who purchases this (or any other H&B book) will receive a free set of letterpress greeting cards.

More info about Song of the Line from our website. Please notice there is a downloadable pdf on this webpage which shares ten pages from the book.



Restored Radios exhibit | reception Friday Nov. 16

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As a print designer and letterpress printer who often pines for some of the aesthetic qualities of yesteryear (like movie theatres located on streetfronts instead of suburban asphalt acreage, neighbors that use rakes instead of leafblowers, those kinds of things), and as someone who is a firm believer in the preservation/restoration of many things, I’m excited about our new exhibit in the foyer gallery.

M A K I N G   W A V E S
Restored American radios from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s by Bob Gordon

Opening Reception: Friday, Nov. 16;  5 – 9pm

Bob Gordon, age 81, of Asheboro, North Carolina is a restorer of vintage American tube radios. He specializes in table models made just before and after World War II.

This exhibit is a collection of refurbished radios that made brands like Philico, Emerson, Sentinel, and Howard familiar brand names to American consumers and households during the pre and postwar eras.

Over 20 radios are on display and for sale. All have been carefully chosen and expertly restored by Bob Gordon and each radio is accompanied by an informative spec sheet, complete with fun facts, historical tidbits, and the electrical schematic. To put it simply, these things are gorgeous and they work well to boot.

As a young man, Bob honed his skills in electronics while serving as a radioman in the United States Coast Guard. After leaving the service in 1956, he became part-owner of Fair Grove TV and Appliance in Thomasville, North Carolina where he worked as both a salesman and technician. His store earned Davidson County’s only license to sell Zenith, which gave their shop a robust business for several years while the postwar economy was booming.

Bob left his small business to become a high school teacher in 1965. He retired from being the school superintendent for Asheboro City Schools in 2000, and started working on radios again in the fall of 2011. Bob, and his son Victor Gordon, sell radios year round on their Esty site Rockwood Radio.

The exhibit runs November 9 – December 21.
Foyer gallery hours are Fridays 11am-2pm and by appt.

*SALE: Everyone who purchases a radio during the reception, or Sat. Nov 17 during the Artwalk, will receive a free pack of hand-printed letterpress cards.


Saturday, Nov 17; 10am – 3:30 pm
as part of the Durham Artwalk

Monday, Nov. 26 – Friday, Nov. 30; 11am – 2pm
open every day this week as part of Shop Independent Durham Week

Upcoming foyer gallery exhibts…..

Jan / Feb
Durham School of Arts high school students’ work.
A curatorial collaboration with DSA teacher Carolyn Maynard.

March – May
Bryant Holsenbeck | Animal sculptures and special surprises

The Life of a Handmade Sketchbook

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I don’t make coptic-stitch, handmade sketchbook/journals quite as often as I used to, but I do appreciate getting to see the life they lead from time to time.

The scene pictured here is the temporary studio space of Meredith Brickell from when she visited her folks. Good company and a beautiful place. (There are rumors of a Meredith Brickell ceramics exhibit here in the foyer gallery in summer 2013 to coincide with Ray Duffey’s furniture/sculpture exhibition at Artspace. Stay tuned.)

While I don’t create as many sketchbooks to sell at fairs and the like, I do still enjoy making custom sketchbooks (as well as photoalbums) for people who enjoy the tactile pleasures of these books, and find them an essential tool.
Please visit the H&B website for more info, or just give me a holler.

Fun cycling video

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Caricatures nailed.

Enjoy. . . but please don’t take it too seriously.

Open Studios this Friday / Maji Moto reception photos

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This Friday, June 15, from 6–9pm we will be having our monthly open studios event. The Maji Moto exhibit will remain up in the foyer gallery through June 30.
Below are a few pictures from the May 18 reception. (Thanks to Scott Howell for taking and sharing the photographs)