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Poster for Ninth Street Derby

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**this post is part of a series as we catch up on sharing work from the last couple of years. The website update should take place over the winter.

As a cyclist myself, I was excited to design the poster for the bicycle criterium held on Ninth Street this past spring.

The event was organized by former Duke cycling coach Rusty Miller (he’s since moved down to Greenville, South Carolina).

Derby poster
This was a quick turnaround keep the costs down project that we were all very happy with, especially the high quality photograph reproductions that Zebra Printing of Morrisville was able to achieve on their digital printer.

**all photos in the poster were taken By Ben Knowles at the 2012 race.


R.I.P. Peter Yates — Breaking Away director

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Director of Breaking Away dies at 81

Breaking Away was of the best movies centered around cycling (there are more than you think), I only got around to seeing it in its entirety last year. Good stuff, dated yes, but good stuff.

“Breaking Away – somewhere between growing up and settling down – it happens to all of us.”

Other cycling moments in film…

Bad Fashion Design.

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Really bad.

who the hell is designing these kits for American cyclists, or more importantly can we get someone else on the job?

Hey Mr. Steinbrenner how’s that new stadium working out?

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love it, Cleveland scores 22 runs in one game and some dude is suing the Yankees because they wouldn’t let him go take a pee break during the seventh inning stretch because they were singing God Bless America. (whatever happened to take me out to the ballgame?) According to the sports illustrated article they apparently put chains across aisles during the singing of God Bless America. Hmmm…

go Bronx Bombers.

How much do those tickets cost?

Villanova vs. UNC

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Hopefully this time around Villanova doesn’t get screwed by the refs.

Yes, I’m referring to the phantom travel call on Allen Ray that helped UNC move on in 2005.

Look in at the video clip (starting at 2:25) in to see the ref screw it up royally. How much does it cost for UNC to pay off the refs I wonder?

Damn straight I’ll be kicking my Villanova shirt Saturday at the film festival. I hope to see some other folks sporting Villanova gear amidst the inevitable sea of baby blue.