Side Spur Ramblings is a side stage for Horse & Buggy Press, the design and letterpress printing studio run by Dave Wofford since 1996. H&B is located within the Bull City Arts Collaborative at 401-B Foster Street in the Central Park sector of downtown Durham. The BCAC is a three studio shared workspace and has an exhibitions area which features members work as well as a foyer gallery (curated by Dave) featuring the work of guest artists and craftspersons in a variety of media. Open studios are on the Third Friday of every month from 6-9pm, we often have special guests and beer/sodas.

On this H&B blog readers can expect glimpses into current projects, links to and articles about collaborators we’re working on projects for/with, background into publishing projects, and updates on foyer gallery exhibits.

Please don’t be suprised by the occasional soapbox soliloquy waxing poetic on aesthetics and their unfortunate, unnecessary degradation within contemporary society (within what passes for much of design, within our built environment, within transportation engineering, within everyday life).

We give shout-outs to individuals and organizations doing good things and particularly interesting work; as well as shout-downs at people, places, or products that unfortunately make the world a worse place. You know, like restaurants that give you a plastic fork with your chimichanga even when you dine-in (hello Cosmic Cantina).

We also provide snapshots and commentaries to the going-ons surrounding the “revitalization” of Durham’s built environment. Things have certainly improved in a nice way lately, and for that we are grateful, but our mantra is still in place and needed if we are going to take it to the next level . . . Fix the loop. Bi-directional roads.

Allow us the verbal flourish here and there if you will. We take all of our design and letterpress work quite seriously… but please take athe commentaries and detours with a healthy sized grain of salt. We are the first to admit we are prone to a range of occasionally excessive emotion and attempts at loquaciousness, all of which should be taken with a sense of humor and light-heartedness.


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