Bumper Sticker

As a one person shop, I rarely ever do pro bono work. I simply cannot afford to work and not get paid. So, I’m pretty quick with “No” when people call with various causes they want some freebie for.

But every now and then if something is important or fun enough I’ll do it.

I live on Englewood Avenue, the dividing line between Old West Durham and Watts Hillandale neigbhborhood. I like to think I belong to both neighborhoods.

Anyway, this is the bumper sticker I design for the neighborhood association to the north. Always hard to put this kind of thing out there and not feel soapbox preachy, but you know, I really don’t dig it when people drive like an ass, speeding, running stop signs, not using a turn signal, tailgating, etc.

Maybe if more people float this and drive well some of the others will catch on. You are most welcome to put this on your car even if you live in a different neighborhood. Holler at me if you want one, or stop by on our Third Friday open studio nights.


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