Article(s) about Clearscapes / H&B designed catalogue

Not too long ago, I designed the Gregg Museum of Art and Design catalogue for the Thomas Sayre exhibit.

Thomas is a partner in the Raleigh based architecture/sculpture firm Clearscapes, which does quite a bit of interesting work here in North Carolina and across the globe. Much of their work utilizes site-specific public art created in concert with the architecture.

Architects and Artisans is a blog I just discovered which seems to have a pretty interesting mix of well-written articles from my first couple visits over the holidays.

A longer version of the above essay also appeared in The Huffington Post.

One of Clearscapes’ recent projects was the incorporation of art into the parking decks built for the Washington Nationals baseball stadium. More info in the linked articles above, but here’s a glimpse.

Here at the studios we’ve got a few copies of the full color catalogue from Thomas’s 2009 exhibit at the Gregg. Fellow Durhamite Roger Manley wrote an excellent essay that really gets into the whys and inspiration of Thomas’ work and background, as well as the hows and wheres of some of his current processes. The catalogues are always out on display at our open studios on the Third Friday of each month. They are $15 and I’ll pass the monies on to the Gregg (where of course you should also be able to purchase the catalogues as well)


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