Holiday Sale Donation — reprise comes earlier next year

Thanks to everyone who came out and purchased goods during our Holiday Sale

We donated $60 — 20% of the sale proceeds — to Urban Ministries of Durham.

Next year I’ll be repeating the sale — again donating 20% — and I have taken Bella’s marketing suggestion to start the Holiday Sale *much* earlier. It will start with the Third Friday in November, and we’ll be open every Saturday morning from then until Christmas in conjunction with the farmers’ market. Just as importantly we’ll have lots of new products by then including…

— new letterpress card designs (Thank You, Labor Day, Arbor Day, Congratulations; please know we welcome ideas for cards, especially ones centered around minor key holidays or with some educational history aspect to them)

— new book publishing projects (illustrated poetry books, photography, and more)

— literary broadsides

— copies of books and music projects I design for other publishers/musicians/record labels, etc.

— we may celebrate our fifteen year anniversary by finally busting out some schwag. Horse & Buggy Press cycling jerseys anyone?

Best wishes and we hope you enjoy some kind of celebration around New Year’s. We’ll be heading out to Raven Rock State Park park for a full day of hiking on New Year’s Day.

to the bridge with a little Nina Simone…


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