Architecture Film series

I was excited to see what looks like a great film series in these parts. Specifically, this is the second annual Nowells Architecture Movie Series at the Galaxy Cinema in Cary. All films screen on Thursdays at 7pm.

this School of Design newsletter gives a shout out to “My Architect: A Son’s Journey” the film that Louis Kahn’s son made about his father, his father’s work and still existing buildings and their unconventional family life. We saw the movie years ago at the Film Forum on a NYC getaway weekend and liked it so much we bought copies for friends and relatives.

Film website

Complete Film Series is here.

from the website…
“Last in the series, on March 17 is Citizen Architect: Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of the Rural Studio. A documentary film on the late architect Samuel Mockbee and the radical educational design/build program known as the Rural Studio. Hale County, Alabama is home to some of the most impoverished communities in America. It is also home to Auburn University’s Rural Studio, one of the most prolific and inspirational design-build outreach programs ever established. Revealing the philosophy and heart behind the Rural Studio, the documentary is guided by passionate, frank and never-before-seen interviews with Mockbee himself. The film supplements Mockbee’s words and the students’ experiences with perspective from other architects and designers who share praise and criticism of the Rural Studio, including Peter Eisenman, Michael Rotondi, Cameron Sinclair, Steve Badanes and Hank Louis. Their dialogue infuses the film with a larger discussion of architecture’s role in issues of poverty, class, race, education, social change and citizenship.”

I was pretty impressed with the work I saw in the Rural studio: Samuel Mockbee and an Architecture of Decency I bought a few years ago. Rural Studio book I’m looking forward to learning more. Seems to be interesting in both concept and aesthetic execution.


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