Mobile City issue 7 has landed

James Kerns and Stephen Gibson, the founding co-editors of Mobile City, have awakened the cycling associated urban literary arts journal/zine/whatever beast and published a new issue, all 48 pages of which were printed in the glory of full-color.

If the name Stephen Gibson rings a bell, that is because he is the author/illustrator of City of Midnight Skies, the 2001 Horse & Buggy Press title which is still available (trade edition, $13; the hand-printed letterpress edition is out of print). Until Dec 17, everyone who orders a copy of City of Midnight Skies, will get a free copy of Mobile City. Email or phone me your order. We don’t do etsy, credit cards, pay pal or any of that shite. We send out the book with an invoice, you send us a check when it arrives. Simple.

Anyway, back to the Mobile City program…

I designed issue #7 this fall and it is available for sale (for a mere six bucks) here at the All Hail the Black Market website

Over in San Fran, Jake has fought off computer viruses to get a new Mobile City website up and running. It’s a work in progress, for now it has a sampling of some of the content from the latest issue.

Below, catch a glimpse at the front cover and some of the spreads.

If you are in the Durham area, H&B is also acting as a distributor, six bucks cash or check. we will pass along the money to the MC crew. But again see above, drop thirteen bucks to get City of Midnight Skies and we’ll throw in a free copy of Mobile City.

Last, Mobile City is accepting submissions (in all media) for the next issue. Send your work to and tell him you heard about it from the Squire.


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