Local pre-teen publisher/ Reading Sat Dec 4 at the Regulator

Continuing the local theme of late, I’ve just finished designing the first book from Durham based publisher Sleepy Hollow Books which is a new venture by Amy Spaulding.

Yuri’s Brush with Magic is the thirteenth book from acclaimed Raleigh author Maureen Wartski, and is a compelling story geared towards 9 to 13 year olds and which takes place on the Carolina coast.

Jason Strutz of Carrboro created the original artwork for the cover. I designed the cover and typeset the interior.

There will be a reception and author reading at The Regulator Bookshop this Saturday, December 4 at 3pm. See you there. (The book is a mere $9.95 and will likely be enjoyed by kids and adults alike)

“Yuri’s Brush with Magic flows as easily as a slide down a sand dune. Unpretentious and authentic characters walk right up to the tough issues in life…”
—Susan Reintjes, author of Third Eye Open

“Weaving Japanese folklore and contemporary detail into a thoughtful novel, Maureen Crane Wartski deftly handles her themes of family, art and forgiveness…
—Jacqueline K. Ogburn, author of The Bake Shop Ghost


One Response to “Local pre-teen publisher/ Reading Sat Dec 4 at the Regulator”

  1. sleepyhollowbooks Says:

    Dear Dave,
    Thanks for all your great work on this project.
    It came out great. Hurrah!
    Looking forward to doing the next one with you.
    Best regards,
    Amy Spaulding

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