Thursday talk at the Gregg, Ben Galata/Evan Lightner

Two of my good ‘n talented friends back in Raleighwood are giving an informal talk/discussion this Thursday, December 2nd. The Gregg Museum of Art and Design has mounted a nice exhibit of their work. The talk starts at 6:00 and is free. Their show is up through December 18 and is a nice accompaniment to the Southern Roots of Mid-Century Modern exhibit in the larger gallery space.

Ben Galata and I shared studio space at Antfarm together for a few years back in the 90s. His forge was about thirty-five feet from the H&B print shop.

As I got H&B up and running, I worked part-time as a cook for Evan Lightner when he was a co-owner of Vertigo Diner. (Thankfully, he is a lot better woodworker than a kitchen boss. Put a beer in front of me and I’ll tell you stories)

Seriously though, they both make great work and are proving that craft is alive and well and finding a relevant and meaningful place in today’s world increasingly filled with products that are more about planned obsolescence than attention to detail. Annie and I very much enjoy the work of Ben’s we own, and we are looking forward to the custom bed Evan is going to make for us next year. Do check out the talk and show if you can, like most all of the exhibits at the Gregg, there’s great work and it is exhibited in an intelligent and interesting manner.

Gregg Museum of Art and Design website

Ben Galata website

Evan Lightner website


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