Hit and Run Case Update

At the bottom of this entry is a link to a good summary of the case with some very interesting details and back history. I’m almost 40 years old, but I still have enough of an idealistic streak that this kind of blatant injustice gets me all worked up. As my Grandpa said “Ain’t no justice in this world.” But during the beautiful and rejuvenating season of autumn, I tend to have more energy than other times of the year so I’ve written letters, made phone calls, etc to people so they know their misguided judgments are being noticed.

Specifically, I’ve called the Morgan Stanley branch in Colorado where the hit and run perp works and is in charge of $1 billion of other people’s investments. My simple question to the branch manager was “You don’t think somebody who exhibits a reckless disregard for others, incredibly poor judgment, and a total lack of responsibility should be allowed to continue in a job of managing other people’s monies do you? Because if you don’t fire this guy by the end of the week I’m going to pull out all my money from Morgan Stanley accounts, convince my employees, colleagues, and friends to do the same as well as my multinational corporate clients.”

(don’t tell MS but they think I run a 300 employee company out of RTP specializing in multinational outsourcing or some bullshit.) So anyway, the week ended and they haven’t fired the guy, so looks like I’ve got to call on Monday morning and up the volume and move this action up to MS HQ.

If you find the case to be troubling or you think its whack/appalling/inexcusable that the district attorney treats white collar felons differently than other felons, consider taking 5-10 minutes and make some calls or write some letters (info in previous blog entry).

When Hit and Run is not a Felony article


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