Poster / new film series at Duke

Last month was the first incarnation of the Barbarlee Diamonstein-Spielvogel Visiting Filmmaker Series at Duke.

That is a lot of syllables but the thing to know is that the Program in the Arts of the Moving Image, the Center for Documentary Studies, and the Rare Book, Manuscript and Special Collections library are teaming together to bring a visiting filmmaker around every year. This will involve a screening of their films followed by a discussion/talk. All events will be free and open to the public.

From the website
“The series will feature artists whose work addresses significant contemporary topics of social, political, economic, and cultural urgency.”

James Longley, a recent MacArthur recipient was this year’s visiting filmmaker. Visit his website to learn more about his films. Longley travels to these places solo,; no assistants, crew, etc. (he does work with local translators); then clearly spends an EXTENDED time living and working at his locales and getting to know his subjects. (I couldn’t help but notice a similarity between his methodology and how Joe Sacco approaches his graphic novel works)

One of the things I noticed while watching Iraq in Fragments was how integral the background sounds/music were to the film overall. Then I saw that the filmmaker, who also did all editing/producing, etc was responsible for the sound/music himself. At his artist talk he mentioned growing up in a musical household but that he himself never learned to properly play any instruments himself, but he generally does all the scores for his own films through a rather diverse, creative collage of sound and editing.

Below is the poster I designed for the series.

Trailer for Iraq in Fragments.



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