Harry Duncan quote

Doing a little organizing in the shop, I found some older stuff I had forgotten about, including the following Harry Duncan quote…

“Books are communicative instruments so vital to civilization that their production must not be consigned wholly to automatic means, whether industrial, economic, or technological; in the process of transmitting culture they embody it, and therefore need to undergo the vicissitudes of the human condition so that they will reflect our common experience more truly.”

I liked it when I first read it in the early 90s, and while the world has changed a lot in the last fifteen years I still like it, and I still think making hand-printed book editions while collaborating with contemporary writers and artists is a good and relevant activity, even in the age of Kindle and what have you.

Next month Horse & Buggy Press celebrates its fourteenth year of existence. For that I’m grateful.

I’m hopeful that I’ll keep getting interesting projects and commissioned work. I’m pretty darn sure I’ll keep meeting interesting people and getting adrenalized about the idea of collaborating with them on book editions. Where the money and time comes from to turn those ideas into physical realities is always the hard part.

For now, I’m enjoying working on Poplar Forest.

I’m also working on “Hopeful Monsters,” a collection of literary works by Ristin Cooks. Ristin lived in Chatham County where she ran Castle Rock Gardens with her partner Patrick Walsh until she passed away last year from cancer at the age of 41. A gathering of her friends, including Darren Stanhouse who wrote this article for the Independent last year about Ristin have pitched in to commission me to make a hand-printed edition of some of her works.


One Response to “Harry Duncan quote”

  1. word! or cheers! or something even better. ..
    I think what you guys do is even more than just “good and relevant” I would call it crucial because it is a physical connection to something imagined. Nowadays it is especially easy to create ephemeral or imaginary connections to Things ( thumbnails and hyperlinks). Do I need the Internet to inspire me? Sure, but only to a point and then I need to make something. and that’s what yall do.
    best wishes, victor

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