27 Views of Hillsborough: the third title from Eno Publishers

Back from the bindery is the third title I’ve designed and typeset for Elizabeth Woodman’s Eno Publishers.

**just in… The debut title from Eno Publishers, "Rain Gardening in the South" just won the silver award from the Garden Writers Association of America. Congratulations to Helen Kraus and Anne Spafford (and Elizabeth)

“27 Views of Hillsborough: A Southern Town in Prose & Poetry” is an excellent book with a wide range of authors and writing genres. Short stories, essays, poems, history, and more from a diverse range of Hillsborough citizens.

Allan Gurganus’s essay “Old Houses and Young Men: Notes on Renovation and Survival,” Bob Burtman’s “Indentity Crisis,” and Thomas J. Campanella’s “Hillsborough in Time and Space: A View from Afar” are some of my favorite pieces I’m enjoying re-reading.

from Allan’s essay…

“And now I have a house. Its walls are hung with photos of my dead young friends; its book shelves feature first and second novels by kids manic with starter promise. Some porch rockers serve as secret portraits of expired pals. These make my house a family home, if for one particular kind of family. “Some men propagate, others decorate,” so goes an easy joke. And it seems plain that love of Home-life is sometimes most zealously celebrated by those denied full marital-and-legal rights to it.

This old home—seen by strangers from the street—what sort of family must it seem to house? Does the off-brand-answer make mine less a family? I am sometimes asked, “You live alone in all these rooms?” Yes and no.

I was once grilled by a local husband and wife, “Why would someone like you need a station wagon?” (Does a bachelor’s furniture, mulch, and friends weigh less than that of the normative married?)

How do you answer that? And should a property-owning taxpayer really have to?

Is this domicile—containing one bachelor, his very old ancestors, and his very young ghosts—really earning its keep?

Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

The book is a virtual steal at only $15.95. You can buy copies here at the studio, from the Eno Publishers website, or at your local bookstore.

If you buy it here at the studio before Mother’s Day, the book will come with a free letterpress printed, all-purpose Southern greeting card.

Saturday, April 24; 3:00 pm
Friends of the Orange County Public Library, 137 W. Margaret Lane, Hillsborough
Purple Crow Books, and Eno Publishers will host the launch of 27 Views of Hillsborough Many of the authors will be on-hand to sign books and talk about their contributions to the collection. For the Friends of the Library, Purple Crow, and Eno, this event marks a fortunate confluence of interests that celebrate our local literary resources and Hillsborough’s unique place in the American literary landscape. (Unfortunately I’ll be up in the mountains that weekend and can’t make it, should be a fun time though).

Tuesday, June 11; 7:00 pm
Regulator Bookshop
John Valentine, co-owner of The Regulator, is one of the writers in the collection and will be on hand along with Beverly Scarlett, Michael Malone, and others.


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