Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

The 112 page program guides are being delivered to the Armory tomorrow.

Thanks to all who entered the raffle for the two weekend passes. Kyle York and Cherie Westmoreland were the lucky winners, and we raised $310 for the festival.

Hopefully you’ve been seeing the broadsheets I designed up and around. (there are two versions)

The broadsheets have short descriptions of the films and the film schedule grids but you can also go to the Full Frame website, w hich has extensive descriptions of the films and more. Advance tix are on sale through Weds online.

Cranks like me who aren’t into spending more time in front of a computer in their off hours and prefer ink on paper should go to the Armory on Thursday and pickup a copy of the program guide.

In addition to 60 new docs, many that are premiering at Full Frame, the festival also has some a thematic series “Chair-Making, Pole-Dancing, Coal-Mining, Cart-Pushing: Films on Work and Labor,” curated by Filmamkers Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert.

The career award this year goes to Liz Garbus and Rory Kennedy and seven of their films will be shown.

For the first time there will be two outdoor free screenings at Durham’s Central Park, Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00. One of the films is made by some locals and will also screen Sunday evening at 7:30, again for free. Pelada is “the story of two former college athletes, one male and one female who travel the world looking for pickup soccer games, meeting an extraordinary range of people who play for the love of the game.” Sounds like a great story, and a reminder that playing sports isn’t just an activity for kids and professional athletes.


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