Hey where’d February go / good tune

Man I remember a lot of cold weather and such (some unusual cycling accidents as well, including when that lil puddle ended up being a seven foot deep sinkhole) but where did February go?

So next wek after I get back from the Joe Henry concert–hot dam!– I’ll get back to posting on this here blog.

Lots of completed projects to share (Mountain Goats DVD package, documentary packaging for film about Durham artist Bryant Holsenbeck, the new book that Eno Publishers has coming out, the next H&B fine press collaboration with photographer Rob McDonald, the menus I designed for the Beyu Caffe, and a lot more)

Much interesting stuff coming up including Green Frames, an art exhibition in April which will culminate in a live auction to benefit the work of Builders of Hope a great new organization that is actively growing and doing important work.

Of course the Full Frame documentary film festival is coming up and that means the second annual Horse & Buggy Press raffle is underway. Five bucks gets you a ticket, $20 gets you five to increase your chances of wining. Third Friday in March is the 19th and we’ll have a reception that night with beer so that might be a good time to come get your tickets. Two winners will be awarded film passes on April Fool’s Day when Bella picks out the two winning tickets. (she says she will accept steaks as a bribe)

In the meantime enjoy the song and video below…


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