North Carolina Transportation Alliance

Do you think it is strange that we have less than 30 miles of greenways in Durham and that it takes 30 years to finish the American Tobacco Trail (in a best case scenario) despite a majority of the funding coming from private and federal sources? (in that time the Triangle has spent billions on a second loop road ringing Wake county)

Do you think it is fucked up that the DOT designs roadways with wide shoulders and bike lanes, then scrubs them to reduce cost when construction begins?

Do you notice that the city government doesn’t give a rat’s ass that people speed down Gregson, Duke, Roxboro, and Mangum streets like they are highways, and in fact the city encourages that behavior by keeping these inner city roads as one-way thus reducing interconnectivity in town?

Do you think it is ridiculous we don’t have effective public transit or rail between downtown Raleigh and downtown Durham, or a rail system in place that includes the airport as a hub?

Do you think it is a strange that there is no bike lane, or wider outside lane between Ninth Street and downtown Durham despite the fact that there is a multi billion dollar university in between the two locales with thousands of students and thousands of staff?

The world is what you make it, please consider getting involved to make a positive change.

Here is a new organization working to improve things. They are having a meeting at the end of the month. You can also become a paying member and send money their way to help get things done (and if you pay attention to the news you will notice that the Supreme Court just threw democracy out the window, so be prepared to spend money if you expect your voice to be heard in Washington).

North Carolina Transportation Alliance

From Bill Bussey’s letter on the Durham bike and ped listserve…

Kick off the new year in proper style with NC Active Transportation
Alliance at our first Board meeting of 2010 in Durham, this Saturday,
January 23, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Woodcroft Professional Center 166 W
Woodcroft Parkway Durham, NC 27713

All NCATA members and interested non-members are welcome to attend. Come get to know what NCATA is all about and learn why NCATA needs your support to advocate and educate creating an environment that safely accommodates bicyclists, pedestrians and skaters throughout North Carolina.If you choose, we can sign you up for membership right there,* lickity split!*

The agenda will include a review of planned and upcoming events and
activities, including the National Bike Summit and Spring CycleNC ride,
as well as updates from the NCATA treasurer and subcommittees on policy, publicity and web.

*blogg editor addendum* Rumor has it there will be a celebrity darts game where you can pick your which Supreme Court Justice face you want on your dartboard.


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