Strange Beauty Short Films Festival Jan 22 & 23

from festival co-organizer Jim Haverkamp…

“My wife, Joyce, and I have curated over 50 short films from around the world, all strangely beautiful, beautifully strange, and every combination in between. You’ll find a little of everything–fiction, documentary, animation, experimental–even a musical. We say it’s somewhere between terrifying normality and a sublime fever dream.

There are a lot of local filmmakers showing work, including Shambhavi Kaul, Neal Hutcheson, Nicole Triche, Brad Boll, Kevin Wells, Nic Beery, Savannah Scarborough, Margaret Morales, and Monique Velasquez. Plus a special Durham Cinematheque program curated by Tom Whiteside.”

“Blackbirds, Bottle Caps, and Broken Records” a 15 minute documentary about Durham artist Bryant Holsenbeck by Margaret Morales will be shown at the festival. I designed and hand-printed the DVD packaging for this great project at the end of last year (more on this in a near future blog post)

Link below to the Strange Beauty website which has the full schedule as well as a trailer.
Website here/

The films will show in three blocks, Friday 1/22 at 8:15 pm, Saturday 1/23 at 2 pm, and Saturday, 1/23 at 8:15 pm.

**A festival pass for all 3 blocks is $25.

Tickets are available by phone or online at Manbites Dog Theater website


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