Full Frame passes are on sale / H&B raffle!!

Pass info / different levels

Horse & Buggy Press will be raffling off two film level passes for the April 8-11 festival.

$5 gets you a raffle ticket,
or increase your chance of winning,
$20 gets you five raffle tickets.

All raffle money goes directly to Full Frame.

2 Winners will be selected and notified on April Fool’s Day. (each winner gets one ticket)

Expect details on the raffle in a few weeks. Drop by the studio any Third Friday during our open house from 6-9 pm, or any Weds from 3-5pm when the foyer gallery is open. (or drop by if you are in the ‘hood).

Last year we raised over $300 for the festival and I’m hoping we can get over the $500 hurdle this year.

I’ve got leftover program guides from last year as well if anyone is interested. Good info on films you might want to netflix if you didn’t get to catch them at last year’s festival. (yes we will be designing the program guide again this year). (*is netflix a verb like “Google” yet or is this improper English?)


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