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Friday tune

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After thirteen years it has come to my attention that being a self-employed print designer/letterpress printer simply isn’t ever going to be that lucrative of a career… so I’ve begun training Bella to be responsible for more than just her normal receptionist responsibilities at the shop.

We are in training her for the 2012 Steeplechase event in the Dog Olympics. She appears to be off to a good start.

Friday tune

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never will forget David Rawlings’ guitar solo of this song at The Carolina Theatre, circa 2006.

Cool animation video

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Furnee and I took in the neighborhood artwalk and she was excited to buy a handmade mug from a neighbor down the street. Laura Korch makes pots as Trout Ceramics

The mug has a big ole whale wrapping around its body and Laura told us it was inspired by a Tom Waits song.

I think it is Fish and Bird, off Alice. A sweet song.

Below is a link to an interesting three minute animation clip here made by someone else who found another Tom Waits song about whales to be an inspiring springboard.
Vimeo link here


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LA Times court case coverage

enjoy the jail time bucko.

Good. A tad surprising but I take good news when I can.

I would imagine that I’m one of many many cyclists who have had a jackass stop on a dime after pulling in front of me in hopes of what the not so good doctor describes in the above article.

Thankfully I haven’t been in an accident.

Hopefully this case will get big national coverage and there will be less people pulling dumbass moves like this on our roads….and less “accidents” in the future that put human beings in the ICU.