Craven Allen exhibit with Kathryn DeMarco / Reception Sat Oct 3

Announcement, 1pmKathryn DeMarco has a new show of paintings, drawings, and collages that is about to open at Craven Allen and I’ve got a smattering of H&B goods mixed in with the exhibit.

For those not in the know, Craven Allen is not only an exceptional frame shop—with some great people working there—but it has a wonderful downstairs exhibit space and has consistently shown interesting work by regional artists for many years. Located on Broad Street, it is well worth stopping in on a regular basis throughout the year.

I’ve found some forgotten copies of older H&B books (including copies of the formerly out of print 1998 edition of “In the Light from Stained Glass” and the last deluxe edition copy (case bound with handmade paper that was hand-painted during the sheet-forming process) of “The Dead Father Poems,” and they will be for sale along with more recent books including “Song of the Line”, “Birdhouses”, music packaging projects, and the Farmers Market broadside print which Craven Allen will frame for 15% off  during the show.

Below is a glimpse at a couple of Kathryn’s pieces. Her exhibit includes smaller drawings as well as paintings and collages that are 7 feet tall, and a range of works in between. The reception if this Saturday from 5-7pm (unfortunately I’ll be out of town) but I know Kathryn will be there and they are going to have some tasty treats).

Kathryn’s website




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