Restaurant land

Watts ad
Saladelia ad

I’ve been doing some ad and menu design work for a few of the better restaurants around these parts (especially meaninfgul as a former food service industry worker myself. I enjoyed my years working as a prep and line cook. The pay sucked balls, and the hours weren’t much better, but it was nice being active all day, working with interesting people and with my hands, and getting to put out a real tangible artifact.)

In an alternate universe, cooks are paid well and get copious benefits like paid vacations and sick days and health insurance, while investment bankers and the other scoundrels skimming the fat off our land… yeah they end up cleaning the grease trap at the end of the night and take out the trash instead of being the ones who can afford to eat out without thinking about it.

I digress.

Beyu card

In exciting news for downtown Durham Dorian Bolden will be opening the Beyu Caffe on the street level of the Snow Building. I worked on a business card design for the Beye Caffe using their existing logo, and it looks like we’ll have another moderately priced lunch joint (and one whose menu is more adventurous) and a decent coffeehouse. Talking with Dorian—who is an amazingly nice guy and clearly has put his all into every detail of the cafe operations—he made clear they will pride themselves on good service and attention to detail.

Two, count ’em two, cash registers to handle the lunch rush.

A pick-up area separate from where you place orders.

and the barista will not be the cash register person!!

Meaning if you go in and just want a cup of coffee to go, no waiting five minutes in a line of three because the persons in front of you ordered some candlyland vegan latte with extra cocoa sprinkles, and the other person is writing a check for her triple decaf espresso. Counter service, it is clearly lacking in Durham, hopefully some of the other joints in these parts will take notice of what Dorian and company bring to the scene. I for one and am tired of making call-in orders for lunch and joints don’t even pick up the phone. What. the. funky?! Get it together people. And why are places closed downtown on Saturday night? Yo, give your employees a key and have ’em open the joint up if you don’t want to work Saturday.


One Response to “Restaurant land”

  1. customer service police Says:

    You’re so right about counter service… particularly at Rue Cler, where I keep trying to go for lunch now that they’re serving Pop’s Back Door pizza slices. The first two times they were out of slices, and when I finally got there before they ran out… I waited around at the counter FOREVER to be attended to, and then to pay, and then even longer for my slices, which came boxes even though I’d been planning to eat there. People kept coming to use the cafe’s register, but no one talked to me. Come to think of it, each time I’ve been there for an official sit-down meal, save for one time, the service has been horrendous on all fronts (coffee served in paper cups because they ran out of porcelain, even though it was early, and there was no apology given; long waits, etc.). Sad, because it’s a great place otherwise. Arg.

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