Speeding and money, follow the trail

SpeedLimitDuke Park traffic circle.

Read more about it at Barry’s blog

Really, if the city isn’t going to enforce speed limits to keep neighborhoods safe and, well feeling like a neighborhood, I’m glad folks are stepping up to shoulder some responsibility on their own.

I think the next step is painting double yellow lines down the middle of Duke, Gregson, Roxboro, Mangum, etc and reverting those back to two-way roads. Screw the belief that suburban commuting times to RTP are more important than having safe neighborhoods and if the city govt. lacks the backbone to do it on their own, well let’s show them the way.

John Schelp also makes a salient point…

Contrast the Durham Police Department’s reaction to the little traffic calming/paintball signs:

“the Police Department issued a statement Monday saying the signs are ‘inappropriate and potentially dangerous. We fear that these signs could be a distraction to even the most law-abiding motorist and possibly cause collisions.'”

…with Police Chief Lopez’s recent embrace of electronic billboards:

“Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez chimed in: ‘This is my professional opinion, not a personal one. There is no indication billboards cause accidents. It could only help in getting law enforcement message across.'”

So, a small cardboard sign in a traffic circle is a distraction for drivers — but big, bright electronic billboards flashing more than 10,000 ads/day are not?

Good point, John.


One Response to “Speeding and money, follow the trail”

  1. And in that particular traffic circle, it’s not like that sign is anywhere *near* the most distracting thing that’s ever been there! Tea parties, Michael Jackson tributes, various art and political installments, and the list goes on.

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