Center for Documentary Studies doc film class

Well, it seems like the movie scene at the Thee-ater is sucking right now (why is it that when the wife and I want to go see a movie, and we live in a town with various ten screen cinemas and art house theatres we can’t find stuff that is worth the price of admission except for releases of documentaries that played at Full Frame?). caveat: Away We Go was pretty darn good. Holler if you think anything out there now is worth seeing.

Speaking of documentaries, the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke has a class coming up taught by Elisabeth Haviland James. If you’ve been coming to open studios in these parts lately you may have met Elisabeth as she is Revere’s girlfriend. (Revere being the new guy up front, we like Revere and hope he doesn’t mind being referred to as “the new guy”, or that Elisabeth is now being referred to as “the new guy’s girlfriend”).

The point being they are interesting and talented folks who moved to Durham this spring and are doing work you might be interested in.

If you went to Full Frame this year and saw “The Good Fight” about Bobby Bowden and the Florida State football progam that was some of the work of Elisabeth and Revere.


More about Revere and Light Rain Media

More about Elisabeth and Thornapple Films

Elisabeth is teaching a class on pre-production for  documentary film. It starts in mid-September and is one of a slew of interesting courses offered by the Center (open to everyone, you don’t have to be a Duke student, you don’t even have to like Duke for that matter)

Elisabeth’s class description

I asked Elizabeth what else she is up to in addition to preparing for the class…

“I’m producing The Loving Story: A Long Walk Home with Nancy Buirski. It is a feature documentary about Richard and Mildred Loving and their Supreme Court battle for the right to be married (they were an interracial couple in Virginia, arrested in 1958 for violating miscegenation laws). We are in the midst of a giant fundraising campaign, including multiple grant applications which have kept me awake all hours of the night. I’m also producing a “game-show” for the senior market for a client in Michigan, and working on a web-based documentary campaign about the conservation efforts around the New Hope Creek Corridor and the return of the original Hollow Rock Store to it’s home on Erwin Road.

My class will meet Thursday evenings at CDS from 7-9, starting in September. It will be a Pre-production “bootcamp”  – everything you need to know before you start to film, and more! We will focus on research, proposal and treatment writing, story visualization, filming techniques, budgeting, fundraising, scheduling, “casting,” as well as the other elements that make up the pre-production phase in professional documentary film. It is listed as an “advanced” class, but anyone who has a film idea they would like to fully develop is welcome and encouraged to enroll.”


One Response to “Center for Documentary Studies doc film class”

  1. This weekend is the 14th annual NC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival at the Carolina Theatre of Durham, which is chock full of good movies you’re not going to see anywhere else in the Triangle. “Prodigal Son” looks to be a very interesting documentary.

    Wednesday night was the debut of the CINEMA OVERDRIVE monthly series at The Colony in Raleigh. They showed “Death Race 2000” with a bunch of trailers for classic, cheesy car-related films ahead of the movie.

    Next Friday is RETROFANTASMA at the Carolina Theatre of Durham.

    Every weekend through Labor Day is Paper-Hand Puppet Intervention’s annual show at the Forest Theater in Chapel Hill.

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