R.I.P. Bruce Rosar— Sunday ride starts at Shearon Harris visitor center

from the durham bike and ped listserv….

Date: Tues, Jul 14 2009 6:49 pm

From: Alison Carpenter

There has not been much more information released on the circumstances of
the crash, though the news has received much coverage the past couple of
days and there has been an outpouring of emotion across the Triangle over
Bruce’s death.  He was a great cycling advocate and warm-hearted individual
who devoted most if not all of his free time to all things cycling.  My
understanding is that his family does not plan to hold a public funeral at
this time, but there is a rally ride hosted by NC Bicycle Club this weekend
that will pay tribute to Bruce.  Details at http://www.ncbikeclub.org/

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 9:01 PM, Scott A Weir wrote:

Any further news on Bruce Rosar? I didn’t know him, but the story in Sunday’s N&O was almost completely bereft of details. I have cycled in all but about three of the “lower 48” and four provinces of Canada for more than forty years, and I have never seen any place as consistently hazardous for cycling as NC: Narrow roads, hilly and winding, no shoulders, steep dropoffs, and a motoring public that varies between ignorance and aggression with regard to bicyclists even in the Triangle. Clearly Bruce knew the hazards, and spent much of his life in efforts to educate both cyclists and the public.  SAW


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