My new bike

Brian From Circle A has finished my custom frame and fork.

bike There’s more pictures and a slide show at the Circle A website

That’s right, lugged steel baby.

This thing has been a long time comin’. Twelve years and maybe 15,000 miles ago I bought a used trek hybrid so I think I got my money’s worth out of “Moose.” It’ll become the guest bike (either that or I’m gonna roll it off a cliff into a bonfire).

Not too many things in this world are handmade and built by the person who designed it. This bike is the work of Brian Chapman of Providence, Rhode Island from start to finish.

In a few weeks I should have this puppy outfitted with components (silver components for this old school R.G.; Nitto stem and bars, Sram rival drivetrain, 50/34 compact crank and a 12/25 cassette, Paul racer centerpull brakes,  Eggbeater pedals) and be out and about riding. (an advance thank  you to mr. Ten Speed Carpenter for volunteering to build it out and educamacate me about how that all works). I’ll post pics later this summer when all is said and done. I’m rather interested to see how much differently this handles as I move from a hybrid to road bike geometry, and hopefully that it is a tad easier to haul up the hills than the tank-like Moose.

In my dreams the bossman gives me a two week paid vacation and I ride this thing across the state, searching out back roads and north carolina eateries and breweries, ending up at the beach for some body surfing. In reality, I stop typing now and get back to work so I can make some money to buy tires.


6 Responses to “My new bike”

  1. Aunt Jeanne Says:

    Awesome work! I absolutely love the color. Wishing you long rides with easy hills.

  2. nice bike!
    get it on the road!

  3. great to see another Circle A in durham. i got a cyclocross frameset from Brian last year and they do fantastic work. great craftsmanship, in terms of both form and function.

    i think you’ll really enjoy yours.

  4. Hey Chris, I’d heard of you and your ride from a couple others and look forward to meeting you some day out on the road hopefully. If you are ever downtown with time to spare drop into the studio and say hi (we are immediately next door to piedmont restaurant). still working out some bugs on the build out but last night was the first ride and got to experience some near nirvana and am looking forward to the upcoming miles.

  5. The Welsh Lass Says:

    My first-born continues to amaze me and make his mamma christina so very proud. Just don’t forget to wear the helmet and keep those creative talents intact! Que Dieu te benisse toujours!

  6. nice frame.
    quadrophenia played through my minds ear when i read the line about rolling ‘moose’ off a cliff.

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