Broadside for Durham Farmers’ Market


Broadside from file

Five colors, hand-printed on the letterpress, these are hand-numbered in a limited edition of 464, and will not be re-printed. The broadsides are 13 x 20 inches and are only $12, so you can have money left over to get them framed

For sale at the market or any Third Friday open house here at the studio. Proceeds benefit the Durham Farmers’ Market.

UPDATE: Come by the studio to see the broadside framed by Craven Allen Gallery House of Frames –my favorite frame shop that also always has interesting work in the basement gallery. I’ve got some 15% off coupons they generously gave me to pass along.

The text at the bottom is a history of the evolution and growth of the Market, and the background soft text is a chronological list of all farms and craftspersons that have been involved over the years. Two papers were used throughout the edition, a sheet made of kenaf fibers (unfortunately discontinued by Crane), and Greenfield’s Hemp Heritage, a sheet composed of 25% organic hemp, and the remaining 75% post-consumer recycled content. Woodcut image by Josef Beery. The broadside was the idea of Erin Kauffman, the manager of the Farmers’ Market.

With an informative, rather text-heavy poster I wanted a single iconic image so the poster could be a restful calm thing to look at, and thought this woodcut was nice for how it implied “harvest” as much as a singular crop. Plus I like how an ear of corn is composed of lots of different little kernels…just like a farmers market is composed of many different little farms.


5 Responses to “Broadside for Durham Farmers’ Market”

  1. dave nice poster save me one i’ll send you the twelve bucks. i want a sketchbook too how much?

  2. Mr. Peterson, thanks and will do. 144 page, 7 x 10 inch sketchbooks are normally $55 for soft cover and $75 for hard cover, but I’ll cut you a deal. gimme a ring and we can talk about what you want.

  3. Great work, Dave. I must have one! A bargain at $12. If it’s cool, maybe I could bring the cash to your studio one day, as it might be hard to carry the print and all my veggies on the Saturday morning bicycle ride.

  4. Is this still available anywhere? I saw it in an office yesterday and really want one for my house. Thanks!

  5. Hi DuVy,

    the broadsides are $12. I have them here flat in a sealed clear envleope/bag. My work day is 7:30-2:45, just give me an email at dave at if you want to make an appt to pick one up, or I can roll it in a tube and mail to you if preferred. thanks for the interest.

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