Eno Festival

This year is the 30th anniversary of the Eno River Festival. As most Durhamites already know, the Festival is a fun-filled three day extravaganza of music, arts and crafts, and more and is held every July Fourth weekend.

The festival exists to not only promote awareness of the importance of preserving the river, but is a fundraising endeavor for the Eno River Association who puts on the event. Monies are raised that allow the ERA to purchase and conserve lands along the river (which also leads to parks and recreation lands). You are a member of the Eno River Association aren’t you? Membership dues contribute to preserving land and are tax-deductible. If you are interested in seeing the Eno kept in good shape, and you’d rather not see development sprawl right up to the banks of the river you can do something about it by stepping up and becoming a member.

I designed this year’s poster and after going through some stategery tweaks and changes in direction it is at the printer right now. (four color offset)

The beginning point for the poster was to bring the poster size down to do two things….

1. Save money on production costs

2. Hopefully a smaller poster would be put up by more stores and business owners. A 12 x 18 poster takes up less space than a 19 x 25 poster so it can be seen more often across town in advance of the event.

The original design idea was to include two images of the red-shouldered hawk (created by two different artists). And to honor the significance of the 30th anniversary by including a short bit of historical background information. The goal being so that people would make a direct link between the festival and the efforts of the Association, as well as including the history of why and how the festival formed (which apparently a fair number of folks still don’t know).

An early draft looked like this…


This seemed potentially too busy and confusing with including the historical text in the meat of the poster, so then we tried putting the history bit off to the side.

History to side, both hawks

It was thought there was still too much emphasis on the history component, so we took that out in the next round, as well as using a different background image.

No history, blue river, both hawks

While I liked the tension and contrast between the two different versions of the hawk (perched vs swooping), and how they interacted with things in the context of a landscape format, the Festival thought it would be best to go with a simpler poster, so we moved to the final design shown below and which should be up and around town in a few days.


Eno final



Leslie Nivison is the artist who created the perched hawk image.

Festival website here, with more info including a list of the over 80 artists who will be performing.


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