Interesting sights

A few of the interesting discoveries I made cycling on the back roads in the mountains.

If I was faster on the draw, this shot of Flannery Fork Road would have included the big wild turkey that crossed the road in front of me.


I just missed a county circus by a day (notice the blue and yellow tent in the left corner above).

Well, Trillium Ridge didn’t go as far as the ole county map had indicated. I took the path down aways but it didn’t end up being a good way across the ridge and I had to descend down into suburban Boone to get further north and west.

I didn’t like the four-lane heavily trafficked roads so when I noticed a greenway park along the south fork of the New River I figured that might be a good way to cruise through.


I found some interesting remains along the greenway.


Eventually I made it out to Todd.


The house is just south of “downtown” Todd on Railroad Grade Rd. The general store around the corner looked great complete with hand lettered signs advertising ice cream sundaes, but they are closed on Wednesdays so I can’t report on the quality of the house lemonade. Next time.


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