Bain Works




great building, great project.



Details at the  The Bain Project website

Site Specific Art Installations Exploring the E.B. Bain Waterworks

cool letterpress poster (nice to see more letterpress printers popping up!)

Location: 1810 Fayetteville Rd, Raleigh, NC
Dates: May 9-10, 16-17, 2009,
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm
Closing Reception: May 17, 5-7pm
Tank Performances: Each day at 2 and 4pm
Tea Ceremony: May 9, 1pm

from the press release…

The Bain Project will open the doors of Raleigh’s historic E. B. Bain Waterworks to the public in May. Visitors are invited to explore the building and the site specific installations and performance art created by The Bain Project’s artists. Tucked away just south of downtown Raleigh, the E. B. Bain Waterworks possesses what has been called “one of the finest interior spaces in Raleigh.” The facilities were phased out and closed in the late eighties. Over the last nine months twelve local artists have explored the site and history of this architectural gem. The artists’ experiences are embodied in works of art throughout the building’s interior.

The Artists:
Marty Baird
Luke Buchanan
Jen Coon
Tim Kiernan
Stacey Kirby
Lee Moore
Lia Newman
David Nicolay
Sarah Powers
Dana Raymond

Documentation Team:
KC Ramsay
Natasha Johnson


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  1. great to see you there!

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