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Open Studios this Friday 6-9pm/ Reception for Jeff Mahorney paintings

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This Friday—May 15—is the reception for the just installed foyer gallery exhibit…

Daily Paintings by Jeff Mahorney.




















The painting above, “Trail to Shan Village” was number 192 in Jeff’s Daily Painting series. He is currently up in the mid-200s, and you can learn more about his work at Jeff’s 120 Paintings Blog


complete list of Third Friday Durham events


Bain Works

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great building, great project.



Details at the  The Bain Project website

Site Specific Art Installations Exploring the E.B. Bain Waterworks

cool letterpress poster (nice to see more letterpress printers popping up!)

Location: 1810 Fayetteville Rd, Raleigh, NC
Dates: May 9-10, 16-17, 2009,
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm
Closing Reception: May 17, 5-7pm
Tank Performances: Each day at 2 and 4pm
Tea Ceremony: May 9, 1pm

from the press release…

The Bain Project will open the doors of Raleigh’s historic E. B. Bain Waterworks to the public in May. Visitors are invited to explore the building and the site specific installations and performance art created by The Bain Project’s artists. Tucked away just south of downtown Raleigh, the E. B. Bain Waterworks possesses what has been called “one of the finest interior spaces in Raleigh.” The facilities were phased out and closed in the late eighties. Over the last nine months twelve local artists have explored the site and history of this architectural gem. The artists’ experiences are embodied in works of art throughout the building’s interior.

The Artists:
Marty Baird
Luke Buchanan
Jen Coon
Tim Kiernan
Stacey Kirby
Lee Moore
Lia Newman
David Nicolay
Sarah Powers
Dana Raymond

Documentation Team:
KC Ramsay
Natasha Johnson

Interesting sights

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A few of the interesting discoveries I made cycling on the back roads in the mountains.

If I was faster on the draw, this shot of Flannery Fork Road would have included the big wild turkey that crossed the road in front of me.


I just missed a county circus by a day (notice the blue and yellow tent in the left corner above).

Well, Trillium Ridge didn’t go as far as the ole county map had indicated. I took the path down aways but it didn’t end up being a good way across the ridge and I had to descend down into suburban Boone to get further north and west.

I didn’t like the four-lane heavily trafficked roads so when I noticed a greenway park along the south fork of the New River I figured that might be a good way to cruise through.


I found some interesting remains along the greenway.


Eventually I made it out to Todd.


The house is just south of “downtown” Todd on Railroad Grade Rd. The general store around the corner looked great complete with hand lettered signs advertising ice cream sundaes, but they are closed on Wednesdays so I can’t report on the quality of the house lemonade. Next time.

Digital billboards

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I had a great time in the mountains. In between hiking with Annie and Bella in the Wilson Creek wildernerness area (Lost Cove Creek, Hunt Fish Falls Trail, and Timber Ridge Trails), in and around Julian Price (Boone Fork Trail, Tanawha Trail off Holloway Mountain Road), I managed some good time cycling on a slew of back country roads in Avery, Caldwell, Ashe, and Watauga counties which brought on some near nirvana experiences. Gravel is good, it keeps the car traffic down and the scenery is measurably better than most paved roads.





Driving home we hit that miserable stretch of Interstate 40 known as Greensboro.

I used to think it couldn’t get worse between the incessant fast food stops and the exurban tract housing, but now with the new changing digital billboards it has clearly gone beyond ugly and depressing to ugly and distracting.

There was one billboard that really stood out, flashing and changing like a Vegas strip club sign with a short in its fusing and a long in its attitude, it had a great angle looking down on the highway from a bluff, and as we approached it directly after passing under an overpass, it became so bright and glaring I thought to myself ” this clearly will cause a wreck, you can’t help but be distracted by that kind of bombardment.”

Annie agreed. We then wondered if and when this does cause a fatal car accident, will word get to the billboard company–and their shareholders if they aren’t so insulated as to be divorced from the effects of their actions–that their distracting sign played a direct role in causing a fatality, and if so will they actually C A R E .

Will they re-evaluate the use of these things…

…or will they merely pocket more money from the next round of advertisers, turn up the frequency, put on their selective blinders, and say “Fuck you very much.” ?