“Rain Gardening” authors at the Regulator-Tues, May 5


Helen Krauss and Anne Spafford, NC State horticulturalists and authors of Rain Gardening in the South: Ecologically Designed Gardens for Drought, Deluge, and Everything in Between will be giving a presentation at The Regulator Bookshop. This is the debut title from Eno Publishers, Elizabeth Woodman’s venture out of Hillsborough.

Tuesday, May 5, 7pm.

Expect a fun, entertaining, and informative talk—made even more fun and informative if you buy a book to take home! (afterwards you can stroll down Ninth Street and wonder how long it will be before someone opens up a decent place to eat on the strip, does Blue Corn Cafe really justify having three storefronts? I don’t think so)

Long live print and book publishing, who knows how long this internet thing will be around. Probably not for as long as ferns or the horsetail plant have been on this planet.


3 Responses to ““Rain Gardening” authors at the Regulator-Tues, May 5”

  1. I know you have to maintain your grouch cred, but have you eaten at Chubby’s? Have you had the Wed/Sat Vietnamese menu at Banh’s? Have you tried the burger & fries at Dain’s? Had a milkshake at the Ox & Rabbit?

  2. RG (nice initials by the way),

    indeed the wife and I are semi-regulars at bahn’s and chubbby’s, they are above average take out joints. (and the people at Bahns are super nice).

    Dain’s is alright too (more for the ambiance than the food, I’m not a vegetarian but I seem to eat with a lot of them so that is a challenging menu for my vegetarian friends), I was more referring to looking for somewhere you can more enjoyably **dine in in a relaxed manner** that is a small step up in food quality/menu diversity and eat in ambiance– but not so big a jump you can’t afford to be a regular. Elmos and Blue Corn and Dale’s seem to be the only options and after you’ve eaten there a bunch well for me I kind of look forward to another choice opening up. and yeah Ninth Street is better than most three block stretches for haunts.

    I miss the days of Bread and Board. (Bread and Kabob too though that was not on 9th)

    I am looking forward to milkshakes at Ox and Rabbit this summer. good call.

  3. Yeah, it’s true that Durham (like so many other places) has a big ol’ hole in that space you describe, and not just on Ninth Street. Rue Cler has just enough moderately-priced stuff on the menu (especially the excellent coq-au-vin) to be a contender, but they have this problem whereby they close at random early times on weeknights, and we’ve been burned enough times that we pretty much refuse to bother at this point. A regular weeknight relaxing-dining joint has to be open when you wander by, as a first principle.

    I keep *wishing* Watts were the answer, but every time I go I’m reminded by the bill that it isn’t ;-)

    As far as 9th St. goes, as you mention it actually does better than most 3-block stretches in terms of covering the bases, from studenty junk (bad pizza, Jimmy John’s) to tasty hole-in-the-wall ethnic (the aforementioned Banh’s & Chubby’s) to sit-down family diner (Elmo’s) to higher-end (Vin Rouge, Blu). You’d think the consistent crowds at Elmo’s would tip someone off that there’s room for a couple more moderately-priced sit-down joints, but maybe the math just doesn’t work at those rents.

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