Rails to Trails

Tired of this system of

s p r a w l h e r e
s p r a w l t h e r e
s p r a w l e v e r y w h e r e

and watching every road become a bigger road and more roads go in all over the place;

the area around your drinking reservoir move from being a nice rural area and a place to go hiking or star gazing to becoming more exurb crap as elected officials inevitably fall in line with the developers to put in more subdivisions (mold infested wallboard anyone?), Supercrapmarts, and strip mauls?

Then do something about it, man.

Old Man McCloud in all his soapbox wisdom suggests five things for this week.

1. Write your local officials (city council, county commissioners, DOT local staff, planning commission; cc them all on the note) and tell them what you would like to see instead of more sprawl and more auto centric planning. Be specific. If they don’t hear it from people, you can be sure they ain’t going to provide it on their own.

2. Follow up when they don’t respond, or give you a generic “thanks for your input.” Ask them what they will do to make improvements become a reality and avoid the landscape becoming homogenized.

3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 every three months or so. Drop in at meetings if you have the time and energy..

4. Join Rails to Trails; maybe someday those abandoned tic and weed infested rail corridors will be put to use.

5. Drop your AAA membership and join Better World Club
Unlike AAA, they don’t lobby for more roads and interstate miles. That is just one reason to switch. Plus with a basic membership you get 5 free miles of towing compared to 3 miles with AAA. Yes, you get the travel discounts and map benefits etc that AAA provides.

Ante up $17 extra per year and get roadside bicycle coverage, included with this is a membership to the League of American Bicyclists and you get a free subscription to Bicycling Magazine.


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