Downtown Durham Artwalk

It was this past weekend.

We had a pretty good time here at the Bull City Arts Collaborative (BCAC, pronounced bee-cack). I met some new folks and got to catch up with some old friends. MJ, our guest artist in the foyer gallery, bravely (or it was it simply an act of masochism?) stayed for the whole thing and got to endure more than a few folks who instead of taking in her work on the wall or the moderate priced cash n carry prints she had brought in, instead wanted to show MJ their photography portfolio. On their i-phone. People. Puh-leez.

I managed to sell a few low dollar things and drop some cash in my bike fund which was nice.

Anyway, weigh in over at Bull City Rising if you want to share your two cents about what you liked, what you didn’t like, where/how you think the event can be improved. I’m sure the Arts Council folks will be checking BCR for feedback and as well would be interested in feedback directly if you prefer that route.

Me. I vote for doing it once a year, not twice a year, and combining it with a two or three band concert at Central Park or Carolina Theatre in the evening so attendees and exhibitors can gather round at the end.

Just like the Full Frame Festival, for me the biggest disappointment about the event is the lack of places to get a snack, a meal, a cup of coffee (a good one) or a beer in between films/artwalk stops.

Ain’t much going on in downtown (and half of these joints keep their doors closed half the time). Yes, it’s better than it used to be but that ain’t saying much.

Maybe someday the powers that be will drop a new road construction moratorium and diverst some funds to fix the loop and revert the one- way tangled mess of north/south freeways–and resulting lack of interconnectivity–nto a functional two -way transportation pattern and entrepreneurs will think of setting up shop in these parts. I know a few folks jonesin’ for a pizza joint.


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