Full Frame broadsheets / adv. tix on sale

Below are the designs for the Full Frame posters. (18 x 24 inches, they begin as 9 x 12 folded sheets)

They look much better in person, especially if you want to read the film descriptions. (you should be able to find them around town)

They were printed by Theo Davis. Two up on the press sheet, so we did two versions. I thought it would be fun if people ran into different versions across town, and especially since there were so many great stills to work with it seemed to make sense to do two designs.

Stephanie, Sadie, Ted, Jill, Peg, Ryan, Lani, a slew of other Full Framers and a not so small army of volunteers are literally working around the clock to make the festival happen. Advance tix for films are on sale now. Over 90 films to choose from, check it out, there’s bound to be a few handfuls you want to see.
Full Frame website film list



Above is one of the double wide art spreads, as soon as I saw this image I knew it had to be used on the posters.


Below is what the outside of the other design looks like unfolded.





Above: the interior (unfolded)

Below: the two different front covers. 




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