Vinyl Records

I just designed another 12″ EP record cover for John Darnielle (of the Mountain Goats).

Moon Colony Bloodbath is a seven song collaboration between the Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice and features a great piece of art created by Michael Pajon. UPDATE: Look here for the Michael Pajon website
Chris Stamey also played on the tracks and took care of recording in Chapel Hill.

The EP is currently in production but you can get a peek here. (like most things it looks better in print and at full size, we should have a copy or two out for the next open house)

And below is last year’s EP collaboration between the Mountain Goats and Kaki King.

This was printed on reverse board packaging, in reality what looks like flat brown here is actually a mottled golden tan. Pretty darn cool, though subtle, effect.

3 Responses to “Vinyl Records”

  1. […] on tour with one of his compatriots, John Darnielle, with whom he will soon release an EP (Moon Colony Bloodbath). On May 19, JV will release his first full-length album in two years, the much-anticipated […]

  2. […] Horse & Buggy Press designed the cover for the limited-release vinyl, which features artwork by Michael Pajon. Horse & Buggy Press […]

  3. […] new split tour EP titled “Moon Colony Bloodbath” (beautifully designed by Horse & Buggy Press – front cover / back cover). Unfortunately, production delays kept them from selling it on […]

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