Open House & Raffle Results

We had a swell time at the open house/reception for MJ’s show last night. 

Grace Pilafian, an enthusiastic regular on the Third Friday circuit, was the lucky winner of the Full Frame passes in our raffle. We raised a bit over $300 for the festival. Thanks to everyone who showed their spirit and support! We’ll be doing it again next year and we’ll see if we can’t break the five hundred dollar barrier.

Stats from the celebrity bartender working the back of the house…

— 6 cyclists happily surprised to reap the rewards of the stimulation program,

— 3 people who grumbled about having to dig out a whole buck and a half to get a brew.

— Zero takers on the free beer for purchasing art.

— Pretty much everyone thinking that was a helluva porter that Fullsteam Brewery supplied.




While a few autocentrists tried to say they walked here, upon further questioning by our tooth and nails bartender it was revealed they merely walked from the car to the studio. People. (Gotta love a bartender that sees through to the core)

In addition to the large prints in the show, MJ has brought in some lower price point cash n carry smaller prints and offshoots. The show is up through April 24, so stop on by.

We will be open during next month’s Third Friday and of course every Friday from noon to 2pm.

The bonus hours are from 5-7pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (April 2 – 4) during the Full Frame festival. Also, MJ will be having an open house at her studio on Sunday, April 5 from 1-4pm.


3 Responses to “Open House & Raffle Results”

  1. just so there’s no confusion, Fullsteam donated the beer and did not collect any proceeds from the event. (Avoiding legal conundrums!)

  2. Indeed the Fullsteam beer was a full and most generous donation and marked accordingly at the back table (in case any of out of work lawyers started getting any ideas)! The tip jar revenue as well went to Fullframe (Fullsteam to Fullframe, interesting the fullness of the naming synchronicity). Viva la festival!

  3. […] the t00-late variety: Horse & Buggy Press, for its open house this past Third Friday in Durham, offered a free brew to anyone arriving by bike. You had to scroll past the pretty picture and read the small print to […]

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