How the Other Half Lives

I had to drive from Durham to Raleigh this morning at 8 to drop off the files to the printer for the Full Frame program guide.

I was brutally reminded how the other half lives. 

I’m talking about the many thousands of battlers driving 25 miles to work like an ass, tailgating while on the cell phone, the lane jockeys passing in the right hand lane at 90mph, the debutantes putting on their lipstick while driving, the people that run the red light behind the guy that ran the red light, the dudes texting and occasionally looking up from their dingleberry to see what is in front of them, the two second car horn if somebody doesn’t pull out of the light within the first tenth of a second, the BMW that passes a car already darn near tailgating to cut back right in front of them and immediately make a right hand turn.

All in all, a grim reminder of the unsustainability of this way of living.

No wonder that this country has 42,000 or so automobile accident fatalities every year. 

What is hard to wrap one’s head around is that this is what a significant percentage of the population settles for.


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