Pictures from Third Friday open house

We had a fun open house last Friday night. Even managed a few pictures before the camera battery crapped out.

Four bikes locked to a pole in February is a good sign.


Folks seemed to enjoy that we actually have someone working in the front space now.


Sean and Chris doling Sweet Potato Amber and Workers’ Compensation Stout out of “The Contraption.”




Some of Mark and Jake’s exquisite corpses in the foyer gallery. They sold about ten pieces and most generously donated the dollars to the Women’s Center of Durham.




Mark showed up with this last minute addition to the show made by a friend of a friend. Bella was most intrigued by these shoes (something to do with the bird in there?)


We even had a busker show up. Check this guy out. (He sounded good too!).




Next month will be the reception for MJ Sharp’s photography exhibit, and I should have the gardening books I designed for Eno Publishers in hand by then as well. Come get your spring on, is always nice to see old friends and make new ones. If you get tired of our scene there’s plenty of neighbors to go check out. Third Friday website


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