Friends: Andrew Preiss


Andrew is a sculptor and metalworker (and former bike mechanic at Bull City Bicycles) who works just up the street out of the Liberty Warehouse. (his ARP sign hangs above the door facing Foster Street, he and Jimmy Alexander share the workspace).

This is his teapot that was in the recent National Teapot Show at the Cedar Creek Gallery in Creedmoor. (an annual show, well worth going every year, Cedar Creek has some good work, though they are rather light in the book and paper department, a lil’ too much fancy glass in the place if you ask me. I asked why this is, and they said books as objects are too fragile to put out on display. Why I didn’t set one of my books on one of their pedestals with a piece of pottery and a piece of glass and knock everything over to prove the more rugged nature of my particular craft I can only attribute to my tendency to be overly polite. I digress…)

Andrew is one of Bella’s favorite people to visit (he’s rather liberal in doling out the treats).



He just made some cool scissors for Altered Image Hair Salon, which—after spending the last 23 years on Broad Street—has relocated to 600 Foster Street (Ellen Cassily’s building).



They did a nice job fixing up the space…and they even put in a pretty cool bike rack. Kudos and welcome to the hood.




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