Miles and Smiles

looks like this guy is enjoying himself (picture by Kenny, smile by Justin)



























This was Saturday in Orange County. Sunday morning was northern Durham county (no pictures sorry)

Post ride, Tim and I sat in the sun with our bloody marys, spying dozens of harleys rolling up outside Charley’s, wondering why there isn’t a good cyclist bar in these parts?

Really why not? Note to entrepeneurs!! there is a need in this area for a cyclist’s bar. You will make money and have a good time doing so.

If someone gives me 50K I will open the RG Rider’s Club …

–large outdoor sitting area (non smoking)

–medium sized indoor sitting area (non smoking)

–bar with footrails and weathered wood top

–no generic plastic molded furniture anywhere on the property, no plastic cups

–no TV

–large selection of good beer on tap, as well as cheap beer in cans. Beer also sold by the bucket.

–bike parts and flava on the wall and in the architectural details, a helluva lot of appropriated signs here and there

–cowbell rung at the top of every hour, whoever is in the midst of ordering a pint gets it free

–small menu with more than generic pub grub, seasonally based choices

–jukebox with a diverse thematic range and curatorially intelligent selections and played at appropriate volume. speakers hung so sound is all over, not loud here, and can’t hear there.

–10% discount on all beverages for everyone who rode up on their bike 

–cute bartenders (both sides of the coin, both coins) making drinks with names like “The Masher” (100 proof bourbon),  “Long Reach Iced Tea”,  “Spin n’ Tonic”, 

How many years will it be before we have one of these? I think we’ve got enough generic sports bars already.


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