Five minute stimulus project

Please consider taking five minutes this weekend and contacting your senators to inform them you do not want the stimulus bill to favor or fund highway projects –but instead you would prefer to see the bill overwhelmingly favor accelerating the construction of multi-modal transportation infrastructure such as rail, bus, and bicycle oriented projects, as well as simply funding road maintenance before road construction. 

Find your senator’s contact info here.

this showed up on the Durham bike-ped listserv…

SUBJECT: Transit/Highway funds

There is movement in the Senate to redirect funding from transit to highway construction. There are currently 3 proposed amendments to the Senate’s stimulus legislation:

Kit Bond (R-MO) Amendment #1: Strips $2 billion set aside for high-speed rail and redirects it to highway funding.

Kit Bond (R-MO) Amendment #2: Takes $5.5 billion in competitive transportation grants and gives it to highways.

Inhofe(R-OK) and Boxer (D-CA) Amendment: Creates $50 billion transportation fund with no criteria for fix-it-first or transit.  (most people read this as highway expansion.)

I‘m sure there are other sources of information about this out there, this is just one:


Stimulate away.


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