Critical Mass, first Thursdays (that’s this week)



We’re in our second year with this incarnation of Critical Mass. To be honest it’s waning and the numbers aren’t growing. Gasoline may be temporarily cheap and it’s occasionally cold out while we wait for spring, but going by two wheels still makes sense and is the fun way to roll, rain or shine.

If you’re interested in helping keep it alive or growing, please come and not only ride, but bring a friend or four, and any ideas you might have to kick it up a notch.

Holler at me if you would likea a high-res pdf to print out and post at your work place or in your part of town.

As always, the ride starts at 5:35 from MAJOR, the bronze bull on the downtown plaza. When the fun starts is up to you. If you can spare the time, plan to drink your beverage of choice among friends (new and old) at the bar post-ride.

Bonus points if you show up with a hunter orange balaclava. I’m on the hunt for one myself. It’s rarely cold enough around here to warrant one so hey, let’s celebrate.


2 Responses to “Critical Mass, first Thursdays (that’s this week)”

  1. Good luck tomorrow!

    And if you’re in the market for a great century ride later this month, please consider

  2. Hello there! That poster is fantastic. May I have a copy of the hi-res version of it? :-) Thank you!!

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