wha’s happening?


The above poster ran in the New York Post along with an article about the pay of non-profit cultural arts organizations heads in relation to the severe cutbacks and layoffs happening within those organizations.

You remember Kevin Peterson?

He sent all this along. He’s still got his job at the Bronx Botanical Gardens (hasn’t seen a raise or cost of living increase in 3 years but more than a few of his colleagues got the axe, so he’s thankful he’s still gainfully employed)

from the article…

“The American Museum of Natural History, citing a budget crunch, laid off 50 workers last week, but its president, Ellen Futter, gets more than $1 million in compensation. And her perks include an Upper East Side apartment and a full-time maid, The Post has learned.”

must be nice. (and no doubt this is far less than CEOs at insurance firms and what bank execs are taking home while they steadfastedly refuse to lend out the money they were just bailed out with.)

Full article here

Yesterday, I read our new health czar whatever is going to be another guy who is apologizing for not paying his taxes. Six figures worth of taxes over more than a few years.

This is change??

Time to drop the axe and send the dude back to the Dakotas along with a few hundred hours of community service to be performed out doors in the dead of winter…  NEXT!

The time for excuses and apologies are over. You’re either an ethical person or you’re not. If you’re not, move to the back of the fucking bus.

today’s post submitted by guest columnist Ole Man McCloud.


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