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gone fishin. back on Tuesday

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road trip with the boys, going to check out the Handmade Bicycle Show

when we get overloaded looking at this kind of porn…







we’ll step out and hit the brewpubs within walking distance of the fair.

expected side spur trips include Skyline Chili; vernacular architecture in Columbus, Indiana; and of course catching up with good friend Meredith Brickell who is now teaching at Depauw in Greencastle. Who knows, maybe we’ll hit the Limestone Museum as well. 

I should have pictures to share next week.


You thought bookbinding was boring?

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From a friend of a friend of a . . .

3 minute plus video clip. I suggest turning up the volume 30 seconds in. Crank it baby.


Apparently they are based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, but if you go to the  If n Books website you can see where their work is carried.

Pictures from Third Friday open house

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We had a fun open house last Friday night. Even managed a few pictures before the camera battery crapped out.

Four bikes locked to a pole in February is a good sign.


Folks seemed to enjoy that we actually have someone working in the front space now.


Sean and Chris doling Sweet Potato Amber and Workers’ Compensation Stout out of “The Contraption.”




Some of Mark and Jake’s exquisite corpses in the foyer gallery. They sold about ten pieces and most generously donated the dollars to the Women’s Center of Durham.




Mark showed up with this last minute addition to the show made by a friend of a friend. Bella was most intrigued by these shoes (something to do with the bird in there?)


We even had a busker show up. Check this guy out. (He sounded good too!).




Next month will be the reception for MJ Sharp’s photography exhibit, and I should have the gardening books I designed for Eno Publishers in hand by then as well. Come get your spring on, is always nice to see old friends and make new ones. If you get tired of our scene there’s plenty of neighbors to go check out. Third Friday website

Reception & Open House, Friday 6-9pm

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In addition to seeing the Thomas Sayre exhibition catalogue recently completed for the Gregg Museum we’ve got other new things to check out.

In the foyer gallery . . .   A R T – T E N D E R   T W O ! !

Mark Cunningham and Jake Wood, bartenders next door at Piedmont, follow up on last year’s exhibit of 500 cocktail napkin drawings with some exquisite corpse workings.

I believe the piece below is Michael Phelps dressed up in a bunny suit.



Sean and Chris from Fullsteam Brewery will be here with beers to sample. As always, the beer is free for everyone who rides here on a bike. If you use an auto to get down here, we reserve the right to charge however much we feel like it. But, like most of the popular girls at school we are easy, just make an attempt to ride your bike instead of driving at least once in the next week and the beer’s on us okay? 

Bonus points, and second rounds, for anyone who writes their city council or DOT officials and makes some noise about getting on the shtick with actually implementing the recently completed bike plan or improving the way our transporation dollars are spent.

Really the fact that this area has so few good projects that are shovel ready and earning stimulus dollars indicates a lack of committment and focus don’t ya think? Let’s lose the planned road widening that turns city streets into six lane roads with dedicated turn lanes and three minute traffic light cycles and divert those funds to more intelligent solutions. As P.E. says—insert London air raid siren here—”Let me hear you make some noise.” 

Okay, off the soapbox.

Come say hello to the newest beecracker. Revere La Noue just moved here a couple weeks ago with his girlfriend and occasional collaborative creative partner Elisabeth Haviland James; (Thornapple films) and Revere is setting up shop in the front work space. More on Revere and his work at the Light Rain Media website


Complete list of Third Friday events

Man on Wire, $5 screening this Thursday

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Get your Full Frame fix on.

This Thursday (Bay 7 at American Tobacco Bay, 7pm)  the fine folks at Full Frame are showing Man on Wire, one of last year’s crowd favorites. A mere five bucks (cash, don’t sling no plastic) gets you in the door to a most entertaining 90 minutes. As stimulating as a strong cup of good coffee and then some. I saw it last year and am looking forward to taking it in again.

Man on Wire

In 1974, Frenchman Phillippe Petit held New York City in thrall when he balanced for nearly an hour on a wire suspended 1,350 feet above the ground between the recently erected Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. He crossed the wire eight times before being hauled off by the police.  Through dramatic archival footage and stunning interviews with all involved, this deeply moving and exuberant documentary unveils the extraordinary preparations it took to pull off the “artistic crime of the century.”  

Check out the Man on Wire Website and Trailer

And don’t forget April 2–5 is not only the Final Four weekend, but is also the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.
Go ahead, tell your boss, your spouse, your Mom, whomever; that you are taking Thursday and Friday off and get one of the weekend passes. This gets my vote for North Carolina’s cultural event of the year. 

That’s a good one

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from Sean Wilson’s signature line ( Fullsteam brewery guy)…

“This autosignature is composed in certified New Courier, a low-carbon font that reduces global serifs by 35 percent and universal monitor wattage by 40 percent. Please consider the environment before reading the end of this sentence.”

Sean and Chris will be doling out the Fullsteam beer at our OPEN HOUSE this Friday from 6–9pm.

This is the reception for ART-TENDER TWO! — Mark Cunningham and Jake Wood’s foyer gallery exhibit of exquisite corpse themed workings. You may know Mark and Jake from their hours as bartenders next door at Piedmont.

More details here at the Bull City Arts Collaborative website. (the third pic down on the left is from last year’s Art-Tender exhibit, which featured 500 cocktail napkin drawings)

Friends: Andrew Preiss

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Andrew is a sculptor and metalworker (and former bike mechanic at Bull City Bicycles) who works just up the street out of the Liberty Warehouse. (his ARP sign hangs above the door facing Foster Street, he and Jimmy Alexander share the workspace).

This is his teapot that was in the recent National Teapot Show at the Cedar Creek Gallery in Creedmoor. (an annual show, well worth going every year, Cedar Creek has some good work, though they are rather light in the book and paper department, a lil’ too much fancy glass in the place if you ask me. I asked why this is, and they said books as objects are too fragile to put out on display. Why I didn’t set one of my books on one of their pedestals with a piece of pottery and a piece of glass and knock everything over to prove the more rugged nature of my particular craft I can only attribute to my tendency to be overly polite. I digress…)

Andrew is one of Bella’s favorite people to visit (he’s rather liberal in doling out the treats).



He just made some cool scissors for Altered Image Hair Salon, which—after spending the last 23 years on Broad Street—has relocated to 600 Foster Street (Ellen Cassily’s building).



They did a nice job fixing up the space…and they even put in a pretty cool bike rack. Kudos and welcome to the hood.