from the Greensboro newspaper…


“Organizers in Greensboro are excited that they made the cut as a possible home for the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame after the North Carolina city made a late entry in the contest.

The News & Record of Greensboro reported Wednesday that 11 cities had made offers to the cycling group, which is moving from Somerville, N.J. Greensboro task force leader Neil Belenky says the city made a late start in November and was happy to make the cut.

A former hall official said Greensboro is in the top four cities being considered.

Belenky says organizers want the hall located downtown and have identified three potential sites.

Officials say the hall of fame preserves cycling history and honors people who have had a positive impact on the sport.


Hot dam, that’d be great. We are officially jumping the gun and I’ve got Bella pouring over maps, working on planning the best riding route to get from here to there. (assuming there will be downtown, advice for bicycle friendly roads between Durham and Greensboro welcome, especially if they include some local color or good scenery)

Does anyone know what the other three cities being considered are?


2 Responses to “Greensboro!”

  1. You mean this Greensboro, North Carolina Let me guess, it’s a joke, right?

  2. apinklimabean Says:

    I’m loving the image in my head of Bella with bifocals and stilettos poring over maps the way she might look at a plate of grated cheese.

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