Museum Catalogue

The catalogue I designed for Thomas’s exhibit at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design is back from the printer and out in the world.




Seeing as how Thomas’s works are so tactile, and “earthen” in nature and inspiration, we thought it made sense to put it on uncoated paper for its more tactile and intimate nature. Rolland Enviro is made by Cascades, and is not only FSC certified (meaning only pulp created from sustainably managed forests is used) but the paper is also composed of 30% post consumer recycled content and it was extremely cost competitive to virgin fiber piper. (there is also a 100%pcw line).

The exhibit will be up through May 10 at the Gregg. More info here at the Gregg website. Note that Thomas will be speaking on Thursday, Feb 5 at 7pm as part of their Artists and Objects Lecture Series. This event is FREE. 

One of the nice things about the Gregg is their hours.
Weds-Fri 12 – 8pm  and Sat & Sun 2 – 8pm. 

Fellow Durhamite Roger Manley wrote a great essay and I think this catalogue is going to be something that has a long life in folks’ library as a result.

A glimpse at a few spreads below. I’ll have the catalogues here on display at our open houses here at the BCAC (that is pronounced bee-cack, we like the hard consonants) on the Third Friday of each month. If you would like to purchase a catalogue, please contact the Gregg, they cost twenty bucks. Cheaper than movies and popcorn for two and it lasts longer as well.






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