B grade event in a second tier town


Oh, great… a car show is coming to town in the big new fancy convention center.

What was all that talk about creative class and downtowns bringing culturally interesting stuff around?

thas right, talk. We can’t even keep up with frickin’ Indianapolis, look what they’ve got going on next month…

Indy event

Now that is an event worth getting excited about.

Check out the Exhibitors Page ….a grown man could spend MANY hours looking at that kind of eye candy.




Hopefully there’ll be a lot of folks signing up to order bikes and we can grow the amount of craftspeople in this country getting paid to do the work they are committed to kicking out. I mean, does that mean anything to folks anymore?

Or are we all content to buy the cheaper mass marketed stuff made in God knows where by God knows whom and shrug our shoulders when the customer service rots, and the product is less than stellar.

It’s Friday, I’m on my soapbox.

Oh did I mention there are three brewpubs within walking distance of the Indianapolis Convention Center? Good luck finding that in downtown Raleigh. I sure hope Fullsteam ends up opening their brewpub here in downtown Durham.

UPDATE: The wife saw something in the paper this morning that Natty Greene, the Greensboro brewpub, is going to be opening up something in Raleigh this fall. Good deal.


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