Friends: Evan Lightner



Evan Lightner is a good friend who lives and works in Raleigh. A talented woodworker and furniture designer/maker, Evan has a new website up and running.

“All custom furniture and cabinetry is designed and handmade with a trust in traditional craftsmanship, a respect for the clarity of modernism, and a consistent commitment to environmental sustainability.”

That is actually the closing paragraph from a little brochure I designed for Evan last year. We worked a trade and the wife and I are excited about getting a custom bed later this year.

Besides working for architects, interior designers, and contractors…



…Evan also does a healthy amount of work for individuals who want custom furniture or cabinetry and are looking for an enjoyable, collaborative working process, knowing they will end up with a top notch piece to last a lifetime and more. 

Back in the day Evan used to be my boss. (This was a helluva long time ago.) He co-owned Vertigo Diner and I was one of the cooks. I enjoyed working with him (okay that’s a lie, I enjoyed the free drinks after the shift ended and that he let me have more curatorial control over the kitchen stereo than Thor and Ricardo). I certainly don’t miss working every Friday and Saturday night (*and the inevitable and God forsaken Sunday brunch*) in a kitchen without air conditioning. Personally, I knew it was time to get out of the food service business when I made the best damn cornbread this side of Texas for a Cinco de Mayo themed brunch… and not a single person ordered it as a side, everybody opting for grits or toast. Philistines.


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