More “progress” ?

The billboard companies are lobbying your planning commissions and city council members while you work. Digital billboards are poised to become the new highway litter (at markedly higher profit margins no doubt).

Tell your city council to tell the Fairway Advertising Companys of the world to hit the road, unless you like the idea of seeing this all over the place….

Thankfully this part of the country has less billboards than most. Let’s hope it stays that way. Please write your city council and planning commission to stay focused on more important tasks (like fixing a few decades of negligence and backlogged maintenance).


Here’s what I sent…


Dear leaders of Durham,

Please do what is smart and good for the citizens of Durham (and our visitors) and DO NOT allow any electronic billboards anywhere in these parts.

They are ugly, distracting, and create unsafe conditions (and we’ve already got enough of these things in Durham!)

I hope you all will quickly strike down this issue so the city can get to work on our long overdue problems, like…

–re-surfacing our roads in substantial quantities and fast!!,
–getting the bike and pedestrian plans’ recommendations turned into physical realities,
–increasing greenway miles and connections,
–getting a linear east-west bus connector route running from the west end of Main Street to East Durham with 12 minute cycles or better,
–getting benches and shelters at bus stops.

With the new stimulus plan and new NC DOT leaders coming around, is the city getting some shovel ready projects online to address our long overdue backlog of maintenance issues?

With the exception of the 35 years overdue East End Connector, no new roads please, fix the broken ones first.

Fix the loop and the one way mess of non-connective speedways running through the center of town. Bi-directional travel, it’s the wave of the future. Now that the state DOT isn’t doing maintenance there’s no reason for the city not to take matters into its own hands.

Isn’t this federal stimulus program with its emphasis on spending money to put people to work and address our nation’s infrastructure problems ideally suited for these kinds of languishing Durham needs?

This would be something that would make everyone across Durham happy.

The citizens of this town are looking forward to seeing progress on long overdue issues. We don’t want to see digital billboards, no matter how many freebie messages and boards they give to non-profits, or how many palms get greased.




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